SMART4FUTURE project’s higher education institutions are fertile ground for entrepreneurs, as they are located in regions with recognised entrepreneurial talent markets. Our objectives are ambitious but realistically achievable, based on the experience, energy and capacity of project partner institutions.

Our Objectives and Target Groups

We aim to turn our partnering institutions of higher education into start-up sandboxes, by offering education and training to sharpen entrepreneurial skillsets of academic staff and youth, in order to have the proper mindset and to be able to be competitive job creators. To make these initiatives sustainable, the inspiration will be firmly anchored in the newly enhanced and improved university support structures, educational courses and events spread throughout the year.

Our concept is simple:

to inspire and train students studying in higher education institutions, and to educate both academic and non-academic staff in entrepreneurial thinking; to give both groups valuable insight into the world of highly usable deep tech solutions

to empower support structures at institutions of higher education so as to drive high tech innovation in their local ecosystems which complement the work of existing actions and initiatives at the EU level

to co-design programs that incorporate elements of entrepreneurship that are present in the institutions of higher education that are participating and to develop entirely new programs when necessary

SMART4FUTURE is set on generating sustainable higher education institution support schemes that span across sectors to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups delivering high tech solutions holding significant societal value.

Who are we targeting?

  • Students enrolled in higher education institutions, academic and non-academic staff

  • Various external entities such as start-ups, scale-ups, businesses, non-governmental organizations, government structures, and the like, to foster the exchange of ideas and mutual learning and build an impactful community for the future