On September 20 and 21, the first transnational project meeting for the SMART4FUTURE project was held on the Algebra campus.

SMART4FUTURE aims to enhance the entrepreneurial capacity of higher education institutions by leveraging the power of deep-tech with the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity to think beyond traditional domain knowledge boundaries.

The first transnational project meeting aimed to provide a brief overview of SMART4FUTURE, including the challenges the project aims to address and its vision, as well as the work and deliverables envisioned within its framework, and to highlight the critical issues that need to be addressed to this end.

During the meeting, we reflected together on how to improve organizational processes to support innovation and entrepreneurship education at higher education institutions. We also discussed the effective ways to create an innovation ecosystem and build collaborations and networks that foster entrepreneurship at higher education institutions HEI. We talked about:

  • necessary changes in the conditions of higher education that enable people to implement ideas in business,
  • ways to transfer knowledge and develop innovation-enhancing skills among students, academic and non-academic staff in higher education institutions,
  • ways to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices, and to disseminate project results to reach the widest possible audience.

During this two-day meeting, the consortium presented and discussed various aspects of project management.  A very important element was to reach a common understanding of the role of each partner in the project. The main purpose of the meeting was to present the approach to project implementation and ways to achieve the expected results. We were also able to carefully plan and propose the tasks to be carried out in order to successfully complete all the work envisaged in the project on time.

We sincerely thank all partners for their commitment: Sabanci University, University of Naples, MentorTec. Lublin Medical University, Griffith College, Link Group.

We are looking forward to the first results of the project!

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