At the International Multidisciplinary Conference Challenges of Contemporary Higher Education – CCHE 2024, the paper entitled Empowering Innovation in Higher Education: The SMART4FUTURE Approach to Cultivating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Advancing Smart Technology Integration[1] was highlighted. The authors of this paper are Valentin Kuleto, Nina Stojanović, Branko Savić, Larisa Mihoreanu, Nevenka Popović Šević, Milena Ilić, Michael Philippe Bosonnet and Lidija Miletić, who deservedly received the recognition for the best paper of the conference with their innovative approach and detailed analysis.

The paper takes an in-depth look at the development and implementation of innovative strategies in higher education, with a particular focus on the creation of entrepreneurial ecosystems and the effective incorporation of smart technologies. The aim of this research and proposals is to transform the way higher education adapts to rapid technological and societal change and to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation among students academic and non-academic staff.

The paper Revolutionising Higher Education: The SMART4FUTURE Strategy for Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship[2] was also presented. The authors of this paper are Valentin Kuleto, Branko Savić, Milena Ilić, Nina Stojanović, Šemsudin Plojović and Vladimir Puvača.

The SMART4FUTURE project represents a fundamental paradigm shift in higher education and focuses on the integration of smart technologies and entrepreneurship education in academic institutions. The focus of this project is on developing an innovation ecosystem that promotes a culture of entrepreneurship among students, academic and non-academic staff.

The paper points out that the aim of the SMART4FUTURE project is to transform academic institutions into catalysts of social and technological progress by improving organizational processes and fostering collaborative networks. The paper uses a comprehensive methodology that includes a literature search in ScienceDirect. Scientific articles, reports and case studies on innovation, innovative technology and entrepreneurial education in higher education institutions were analysed.

[1] Belgrade: Conference of Academies for Applied Studies in Serbia (CAASS), University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Faculty of Contemporary Arts. ISBN 978-86-82744-02-3; ISBN 978-86-82744-00-9 (series). COBISS.SR-ID 139332105, pages 344-350

[2] ibid., pages 351-355

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