responsible for implementing the communication and dissemination activities in SMART4FUTURE – conducted a series of interviews with the project partners.

Introducing University of Naples: the oldest educational institution, founded in the 13th century. Departments joining the project are the Department of Economics, Management and Institutions (DEMI), and the Department of Neuroscience, Reproductive and Odontostomatological Sciences (DNROS). DEMI offers different education services build around managerial disciplines. Its educational offerings include master’s degrees in economics, management, innovation, mathematics for economics, statistics, and law.

Hello Silvia and Roberto! Thank you for this opportunity to meet you and talk about SMART4FUTURE. To kick-off, could you give us, in your own words, a short introduction to Algebra University, and your role there?

Hi. The University of Naples “Federico II” is one of the most ancient European universities. Its didactic offering covers almost all humanistic, artistic, socio-economic, and scientific disciplines with several bachelor’s and master’s degrees, post-lauream degrees, and Ph.D. courses. Our university is highly involved in a lot of Third Mission projects, international and innovative activities. I’m an assistant professor at the Department of Economics, Management, Innovation (DEMI), where Roberto is a full professor and former Dean. We hold teaching courses and labs in management, entrepreneurship and Roberto also hold a course in Operation Management. We are involved in several international/national project.

To someone reading this who is still not familiar with SMART4FUTURE, how would you describe it in simple terms, and how do you distinguish it from other projects or initiatives?

SMART4FUTURE is a thrilling and innovative project, pointing to creating an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem both at national and international levels. Its newness lies in the close cooperation and collaboration among partners as well as their common approach to co-create and to share new knowledge and skills, also using innovative/digital methods and tools.

Several departments from the University of Naples will participate in SMART4FUTURE, including the Department of Economics, the Management and Institutions (DEMI), and the Department of Neuroscience, Reproductive and Odontostomatological Sciences (DNROS). How the teaching curricula at DNROS, start-up support mechanisms and collaboration networks in different departments from the University of Naples can make a difference?

The participation of Unina DNROS in SMART4FUTURE is very important because the project’s activities are benefitting this medical department – its academic and non-academic staff, and its students – in better approaching the exploitation and marketability of innovative products/services, especially when coming from processes of scientific research. This will promote an interdisciplinary approach to research and innovation and to support the creation of knowledge and skill essential for a new and hybrid professional profile, the scientist entrepreneur.

What are you personally most enthusiastic about achieving during SMART4FUTURE?

What really makes me enthusiastic about SMART4FUTURE is the possibility to collaborate with European and non-European partners, sharing experience and knowledge as well as creating new educational paths for both students and professionals.

How do you see the project legacy regarding achievements and partners’ collaboration in SMART4FUTURE, at Institutional, National and European levels?

I think that this project and its legacy will improve institutional attention and engagement in innovation research and entrepreneurial activities, supporting the creation, exit, and long-term sustainability of international and innovative start-ups (often rising from the personal initiative of individuals – e.g., students, researchers, or administrative personnel).

No doubt there will be some readers that are keen to meet you and talk about this project and your experience. Which events will be possible to meet the University of Naples in the upcoming months?

EIT Health: EIT Health Summit to transform the future of European healthcare, 18.04.24.

Italian Festival of Management, 7-8 March 2024, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy.

Silvia Cosimato, Assistant Professor

Roberto Vona, Full Professor

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