We are very happy to welcome in our consortium a new partner for 2023 – the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” (NaUKMA) from Kiev, Ukraine. NaUKMA is a classical university consisting of 6 faculties (Humanities, Economics, Low, Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, Social Sciences and Social Technologies). Currently, more than 3.500 students study at NaUKMA, with about 800 of them at the Faculty of Economics.

Our new project partner boasts with a great many achievements and successes, let us mention only a few.

  • Among Top 30 before 30 in Ukraine, there are 5 people from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy! They are: Roman Tychkivs’kyi, Head of Western NIS Enterprise Fund and Ukrainian Leadership Academy programs, Iryna Lytovchenko, co-founder of Tabletochki Charity Fund and Director for Strategic Planning and Eurointegration at Ministry of Health-care of Ukraine, Mariia Berlins’ka, a volunteer and social activist, Director of the AeroRozvidka School (the School of Aerial Photography at the National Military Forces of Ukraine), Marharyta Hontar, co-founder of StopFake Initiative, and Vitalii Diatlenko, co-founder of Uklon transportation service.
  • There are 5 NaUKMA alumnae in the 100 Most Influential Women of Ukraine Rating by Focus Journal! They are Oksana Syroiid, Vice-Head of the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada), Iuliia Kovaliv, Head of the Office of the National Investment Council of Ukraine, Oksana Markarova, First Vice-Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Olesia Ostrovs’ka-Liuta, Director of the National Culture, Art and Museum Center Mystetskyi Arsenal and Ol’ha Kudinenko, co-founder of the Tabletochki Charity Fund.
  • Kyiv-Mohyla Academy is among the three leading Ukrainian universities according to the Top 50 Universities by the Employers’ Choice List in 2017. The List was made by the Focus Journal, it is based on the references from all the key national employers.
  • Kyiv-Mohyla Academy takes first place on the list of universities The Graduates’ Choice 2016: Quantity and Quality made by CEDOS Analytical Center (the study was conducted by Cedos, an independent think tank and community focused on human development issues; three indicators are considered in the evaluation: the level of knowledge, motivation and the number of students enrolled).
  • The List of Top 100 Most Successful Women of Ukraine published by Novoie Vriemia Journal includes 7 alumnae of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

The NaUKMA Centre for Analytics and Business Modelling of Sustainable Development supports entrepreneurial and innovative activities of students and staff. One of their projects – Mohyla Open Hackathon – supports the creative and entrepreneurial efforts of students and youth, and creates conditions for development of their intellectual potential in SDG-area.

We warmly welcome NaUKMA colleagues aboard and look forward to working together to create the conditions that enable people to turn ideas into thriving and successful entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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